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Slider maker is a powerful jQuery Slideshow software that requires no coding knowledge to produce a professional slideshow.

It's simple to use thanks to the admin panel which makes it look like a simple jQuery slider maker.
But don't be fooled - it's an all in one package that can do much more.

Create jQuery Slideshow for Wordpress, Joomla! and any CMS

Slider Maker is fully compiliant with Wordpress, Joomla! and any CMS.

Create your slideshows with Slider Maker's admin dashboard, then copy/paste a few lines of code to integrate them into your pages.!/wordpress-cms-users

With Slider-Maker you can ...

  • relax - we're not talking about increasing your workload. Best of class coding done-for-you, ready to implement and YOU get the credit for the results.
  • 100% online -no installation required.
  • be mobile ready instantly! Your client's slider will resize perfectly for desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • effortlessly create beautiful slides using text, images and animated layers – and even videos!
  • provide / use advanced features: auto generates a set of responsive images, animated text layers, Google fonts, sizing, effects, and more ...!
  • sell in new markets with our multilingual text option.
  • publish on multiple domains/urls
  • create awesome video slideshows
  • easily make any kind of web slideshow, banner rotators, banner sliders, web galleries etc.
  • have an instant preview - switch between themes
  • enjoy lots of themes, styles, animations and transitions

Slider-Maker taps into a very primitive part of our brain over which we have no control. When you use Slider-Maker you're leveraging the dual aspects of Movement and Image.


Since caveman days humans have been hard-wired to pay immediate attention to movement.
Back then life could be short and often brutal.

Noticing movement was the key to staying alive. Natural selection ensured that those that were best at it survived and produced the next generation.

We still use this ability every day in actions as simple as crossing a street or noticing movement out of the corner of your eye when you're alone at your keyboard (you just saw that right?).

Slider maker online demo


Image is also an ancient way of understanding our environment. It is thought that human communication has existed for around 30'000 years however text based communication has only been around for approximately 3'700 years.

Images are used today whenever we want to communicate something quickly and clearly because our brains understand image faster than text.

Think; Emergency Exit signs, Fire Warnings, Aircraft Evacuation cards?

All heavy on graphics and light on text.

Did this start you thinking about what visitors to your websites are currently seeing?

If it did, that's because this spells the opportunity for a whole new level of engagement between you and visitors to any website you create using Slide-Maker.

Using Slider-Maker you leverage these hard-wired responses using moving images and well-designed text.

And your client gets more sales and higher conversions. Oh and if your SEO is on the ball, you should also look for a reduced bounce rate too.

Just 8 Seconds - It's all you've got!

You've got only 8 seconds or less to grab any website visitor's attention and stop him clicking away to your competitors website.


Gone ...

And when he does click away that's total heartbreak because you've spent a lot of time, effort and money on SEO and marketing, making sure that you only get really qualified traffic onto your beautifully designed website.

And worse, he's probably got the need for your product and his wallet open, right beside him - BUT he's still leaving.

Why? ...

Because all the studies show that attention span on the web is totally tanking, and only forecast to plummet further. This means we need to use all the cutting edge tools at our disposal right now to get his attention.

We don't have a day to waste.

Our biggest challenge is guaranteeing we're getting peak attention from each visitor in the very seconds they decide;
"do I need this or not?".

Bad News and I'll repeat it; That's the first 8 seconds they're on your site.

But there's good news. The coding brain behind Slider-Maker stumbled onto some very intriguing research which kept him awake at night figuring if he could get it to work on the internet.

After a couple of false starts –It Did!

FACT: Humans are hard-wired to pay very special attention to movement. It's a life-or-death protective mechanism.

AND by coupling that movement with images you get access to two things that we absolutely can't control;

  1. Humans notice movement. Period. It's an automatic behaviour we have that keeps us safe.
  2. We comprehend the information contained in and on images faster than we can process words.

A brain fuse blew –and Slider-Maker was born!

Once he recognised these two behaviours he went on to create a best-of-class tool to enable you to take advantage of these very natural yet totally unconscious behaviours on every one of your client's websites.

Because if they're unconscious you can pretty much predict they'll happen pretty regularly right?

And what is the holy grail that we all seek in designing websites? - Predictable behaviour right?

So using a carefully curated mixture of beautiful images and text crafted to speak directly to the heart of your customers biggest pain, you attract the attention of your ideal client.

Predictably. Again and Again.

They read your message and they make the decision to engage or not.

Either way they will have read and understood your message thanks to Slider-Maker's sophisticated, class leading fusion of words and images.

Worst case they leave your site understanding what your product and offer are. That's worth gold in a competitive market.

And Best Case your clients get;

  • Higher retention rates
  • Visitors understanding both the product and offer faster and more completely
  • Increased customer engagement with less overwhelm
  • resulting in more sales and higher conversion rates.
  • and it'll be you, the coder/webmaster that takes the credit for this.

And it's yours for the taking today!

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It's as simple as A, B, C, D ...


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Build an Awesome and User-Friendly Slideshow in Just Seconds

Slider Maker is a user-friendly and easy-to-use photo/text slideshow creator made for Coders and Webmasters under pressure.

Add Slider-Maker to your PHP admin dashboard,
Your clients will have everything to easily build Sliders, Galleries, and Slideshows:

  • Secured admin area with authentication access.
  • Intuitive and friendly User Interface.
  • Easily create a jQuery slider for any website.
  • Step-by-step tutorials and Live Previews.
  • Helpers & Tooltips.

Slider Maker is fully multilingual .


With fully responsive solutions, Slider Maker gives you diverse opportunities to create jQuery sliders for all screen sizes and devices.

No need to configure or setup anything – animated layers are scaled down automatically for you.

Nothing to configure, the right versions are served to each device.
Animated layers are scaled down automatically.

Touch navigation for Sliders & Thumbnails.

  • Retina Ready
  • Generates re-sized images for each screen
  • Touch-Swipe capabilities


Optimized Performance trending_up

  • Built with Material Design & jQuery
  • Automatic Ajax Loading - won't slow down your page loading
  • Hardware text-accelerated CSS3 transitions
  • Smart lazy-loading - load images only when they are in a visible area

Beautiful Themes included style

  • Themes & Admin based on Google's Material Design
  • Choose your favourite theme & layout using Live Preview
  • Scalable layout engine to create jQuery slider.
  • All themes are fully customizable using css/scss files

SEO Friendly (very!)find_in_page

  • Animated layers use HTML5 tags (<h1> -> <h5>, <p>)
  • Fully Semantic HTML
  • Blogger friendly.
  • Images & Layers, thumbnails'titles & legends are all visible to search engines


Drag & drop file browser

  • Integrated File Browser
  • Each directory is a slideshow container
  • Upload, drag & drop, copy, paste & rename photos directly from file browser
  • Each image can be duplicated or moved from a slider to another with all it's settings (layers, titles, legends, etc.)
  • Auto-generate all sized-images for each resolution while uploading
  • Auto-clean files names
  • Detect image sizes and create all available sizes for responsive design, including for Retina devices
  • Maximum Upload Security

Time-lined Animated Layers

  • Easy intuitive User Interface
  • Google Fonts Layers
  • Multilingual animated Texts
  • 60+ awesome CSS3 text effects
  • Full animation timing control
  • Unlimited layers
  • Full position control with Drag & Drop
  • Tags from <h1> to <h6> + <p>
  • Choose colors, fonts, tags, backgrounds, padding
  • Copy/Paste layers from image to image, from slideshow to slideshow

Highly Customizable Layout view_quilt

  • Build any kind of Image & video Slider , Gallery , Carousel or Photo Slideshow
  • Photos captions, titles and links
  • Horizontal or vertical thumbnails with captions & legends
  • Buttons, arrows & pointers
  • Beautiful Material Design themes
  • Image sizing options (contain / cover / exact)
  • Slider sizing options (pixel / percent)
  • Full Screen button
  • Ken Burns Effect new

Real-time - Live Preview av_timer

  • Choose theme in Live Preview
  • Real-time animated layers preview
  • All settings recorded in real-time
  • All changes recorded in real-time

Easy Publish Anywhere public

Nothing to code
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Creates beautiful slideshow within minutes
  • Just copy/paste generated code
  • Absolutely nothing to setup
Very lightweight - calls only 3 files :
  • Google Font if any
  • Slider Maker's css theme
  • One jQuery file for Slider Maker's Ajax loading

Fully Responsive devices

Touch Enabled - Retina Ready
  • Absolutely nothing to configure
  • Serve optimally-adapted images
    for each screen and device
  • Auto-adapt Layer's font-sizes

High Security level Admin Panel security

  • Login system included
  • Maximum security with PHP's latest encryption technology
  • You can replace it with your own website login system.
  • You can disable it to generate your slideshows on local host and to upload them on server.
  • Free upgrades and free future versions.

Premium quality & Super-Service star star star star star

5 Stars rating on Codecanyon - Evidence that Slider-Maker is the high-end jQuery slider-maker trusted by both coders and webmasters..
(100+ Author Ratings)

Complete documentation including quick start guide and advanced features.

Step-by-step live tutorial for beginners (and in-depth tech support for the experts). Button accessibility from the admin area.

Fast, efficient, and 100% guaranteed support.

Free Updates, Today, Tomorrow and in the future. - We've got your back!


Website Welcome Slider
Photo slideshow

Animated Layers, Autoplay, responsive & touch-swipe.

Paint Gallery
Image gallery

Multilingual, Thumbnails, Titles, Legends & Captions.

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Ken Burns Effect, Animated Layers & Bottom Thumbnails

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Full Window Photo Slideshow. Navigation, Arrows & Ken Burns

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16/19 e slideshow - Ken Burns

16/19 e Slideshow. Ken Burns Effect & Captions.

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Google Font, Animated Layers & buttons links

Slider Maker Demo - Several sliders on same page with different configurations
Multiple slideshows

Several different Slideshows on same page.

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Hubble Image Slider - Ken Burns

Deep sky photos from Hubble Telescope

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Ken Burns Effect & animated layers.

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Thumbnails, titles & animated layers

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How to build slideshow with Slider Maker

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