Slider Maker - jQuery Photo Slideshows Templates

Welcome Slider

Simple Image Slideshow with Animated Layers, no extra stuff. Autoplay, responsive & touch-swipe.

Paint Gallery

Multilingual Paint Gallery with Side Thumbnails, Titles, Legends & Captions. Auto-height & shuffle images

Nature Slider

Gallery with Smooth Green Theme, Ken Burns Effect, Animated Layers (Google Fonts) & Bottom Thumbnails

Black & White Slider

Full Window Responsive Photo Slideshow with navigation buttons, Arrows, Ken Burns Effect & Full Screen button.

Wild Life Slider

16/19e Slideshow. Ken Burns Effect with only arrows navigation and Captions. Will keep proportions on any screen/device.

Creative Agency Slider

Creative Agency Slideshow - Google Font, Animated Layers & buttons links

Black & White Slider

Several Slideshows on same page with different configurations.

Hubble Images Slider

Hubble Images Slider - Beautiful deep sky photos from Hubble Telescope using Ken Burns Effect

jQuery Green Slider

jQuery Green Slider - Beautiful images with Ken Burns Effect & animated layers.

jQuery News Slideshow

Simple jQuery News Slideshow with thumbnails, titles & animated layers

Query Photo Slideshow with tooltips

jQuery Photo Slideshow with tooltips over images

Many other Slider Templates incoming soon ...