Slider Maker - jQuery Photo Slideshows Templates

Welcome Slider

Simple Image Slideshow with Animated Layers, no extra stuff. Autoplay, responsive & touch-swipe.

Paint Gallery

Multilingual Paint Gallery with Side Thumbnails, Titles, Legends & Captions. Auto-height & shuffle images

Nature Slider

Gallery with Smooth Green Theme, Ken Burns Effect, Animated Layers (Google Fonts) & Bottom Thumbnails

Black & White Slider

Full Window Responsive Photo Slideshow with navigation buttons, Arrows, Ken Burns Effect & Full Screen button.

Wild Life Slider

16/19e Slideshow. Ken Burns Effect with only arrows navigation and Captions. Will keep proportions on any screen/device.

Creative Agency Slider

Creative Agency Slideshow - Google Font, Animated Layers & buttons links

Black & White Slider

Several Slideshows on same page with different configurations.

Hubble Images Slider

Hubble Images Slider - Beautiful deep sky photos from Hubble Telescope using Ken Burns Effect

jQuery Green Slider

jQuery Green Slider - Beautiful images with Ken Burns Effect & animated layers.

jQuery News Slideshow

Simple jQuery News Slideshow with thumbnails, titles & animated layers

Query Photo Slideshow with tooltips

jQuery Photo Slideshow with tooltips over images

Beatles video slideshow

Video slideshow with Beatles videos from Youtube

Simple jQuery Carousel

Simple jQuery Carousel

Many other Slider Templates incoming soon ...